• Compact Disc (CD)

    We are happy to present our debut album, Party Hard Ton.
    It features 13 brand new tracks and collaborations with Spiller, Mirror People, Snuff Crew, Moralez & Sames, Adriano Canzian, Rotciv, Space Echo and Jonny Woo.
    Discover the Ghost Track that is available only with the CD (not on digital).
    The CD has a gatefold cover and it includes a poster that you can hang on your wall!
    Each shipping comes with a random gift (sticker or pin).
    Enjoy The Party Hard Ton!

    Listen to a preview here:

    ships out within 3 days

      €12.99 EUR or more 


  • Cassette

    The Limited Edition Cassette has a different cover and a different playlist from the CD.
    It features "Never Give Up", previously available only as a bonus track in the Digital Edition, and "Tessio", previously available only as a ghost track in the CD.
    The Cassette tape is yellow. All 50 copies are handnumbered.
    With this purchase you'll get a link to download the release in MP3.

    ships out within 3 days
    edition of 50 

      €12.99 EUR or more 



It’s been seven years since our first release on legendary Dissident Distribution. Seven years during which we have produced several tracks, filmed videos with a minimal budget available, travelled a lot, lost our luggage a lot, slept very little, but mostly seven years where we have met some extraordinary people that form a wonderful  community, a community whose home is the world, whose faith is music, whose nourishment is creativity. We want to thank you all one by one, naming you individually, but this would mean printing a giant booklet because there's so many of you out there, making this world a better place. 


released April 24, 2017



HARD TON Venice, Italy

HARD TON are the italian duo with a larger than life disco sound. Sylvester-styled falsettos conjure up memories of smoky dancefloors during the heady days of Hi-NRG, which combined with a contemporary sound of accelerated beats and screaming acid basslines, shows a nod to the past can result in a slap across the face for the present. ... more

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